How to Choose the Right Exterior Paint to Complement Stone Brickwork?

Choosing the right exterior paint for your house can be a daunting task, particularly when stone brickwork is involved. The exterior paint color you choose can add charm and character to your home, affecting the overall design and vibe of your space. The key is to consider the color of the brick and stone in your exterior design so it can dramatically influence your choice. From undertones and hues of the stone to the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, the color of your paint can make or break your exterior design.

Understanding Undertones in Brickwork

Before you even start thinking about colors, it’s important to understand a little about undertones. The exterior of your house, especially if it’s brick or stone, will have undertones. These can range from a deep, earthy brown to a vibrant red or a cool gray. Once you’ve identified the undertones in your brick or stone, you’ll be able to determine which colors will best complement the exterior of your house.

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For instance, if your brick has a red undertone, you might consider a color palette that includes deep browns, off-whites, or even a contrasting gray to make the red in the brick stand out. Conversely, if your stone has a gray undertone, you might lean towards whites, blues, and greens to create a fresh, clean look.

Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to choosing your exterior paint color, one of the most essential factors is the color of your brickwork or stonework. Look closely at the color of the brick. Is it red, brown, gray, or maybe a combination of these? The color of the brick will guide you in your choice of exterior paint.

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For red bricks, consider colors that work with, not against the red. For example, soft whites, creams, or even a contrasting black can highlight the red in the brick. On the other hand, if your brick is more brown or gray, consider colors that complement these tones, such as warm whites, taupe, or even a deep blue for contrast.

Exploring Sherwin Williams Paints

Known for their high-quality paints, Sherwin Williams offers a wide range of exterior paint colors that can complement your brick or stone. From cool grays to warm whites, Sherwin Williams’ palette is designed to work harmoniously with a variety of brick and stone colors.

If you have red brick, consider Sherwin Williams’ ‘Creamy,’ a soft off-white that can accentuate the red in the brick. Or perhaps you might want to try the ‘Tricorn Black’ for a bold, contrasting look. For those with gray brickwork, ‘Passive Gray’ or ‘Silverplate’ might be the perfect choice, adding a contemporary edge to your home’s exterior. And, of course, for brown brickwork, ‘Accessible Beige’ or ‘Kilim Beige’ are great options, adding warmth and sophistication to your exterior design.

Considering Siding and Trim

The color of your siding and trim can also dramatically affect how your exterior paint color interacts with your brick or stone. The trick is to choose a color that complements, not competes with, these elements.

For instance, if you have white siding, you might want to consider a deeper, darker paint color to provide a contrast. Alternatively, if you have darker siding, a lighter paint color might be the perfect way to balance it out. Remember, the goal is to create an overall cohesive look that ties all the elements of your exterior design together.

Choosing the right paint color for your house’s exterior is no small task, but with these tips, it’s more manageable. Consider your brickwork’s undertones, choose colors that complement the brick, explore the Sherwin Williams paint options and consider your siding and trim. With these considerations in mind, you can select a color that enhances the appeal of your brick or stone exterior and makes your house stand out in your neighborhood.

Exploring Benjamin Moore Paints

Having examined the Sherwin Williams color range, it’s now time to delve into another prestigious paint brand – Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore offers a diverse array of exterior paints that are designed to harmoniously blend with a wide spectrum of stone and brick colors.

If your home boasts red brickwork, Benjamin Moore’s ‘Manchester Tan’ could be the perfect choice. This paint is a light khaki tone that perfectly complements the warm, earthy tones in red brick. For a more daring contrast, ‘Wrought Iron’ could provide a strikingly bold backdrop for your red brick.

In the case of gray stone, Benjamin Moore’s ‘Stonington Gray’ is a fresh, cool gray that is ideal for achieving a modern and sleek look. Alternatively, ‘Hale Navy’ could provide a rich, deep contrast to your gray stone, offering a striking color combination that is sure to turn heads.

For those with brown brickwork, ‘Shaker Beige’ is a warm, inviting beige that pairs beautifully with brown tones, while ‘Wythe Blue’ adds a dash of color and contrast, bringing a sense of freshness to your exterior.

Incorporating the Front Door into Your Color Scheme

The front door of your home is often the focal point of your home’s exterior. Hence, it’s crucial to consider how the color of the door will blend with your chosen exterior paint, and the colors of the stone or brick.

Should you opt for a bold, contrasting color for your door, it could serve as a striking statement piece that draws the eye. Conversely, a door that matches or complements the exterior color can create a harmonious, unified look.

For instance, a red brick house with a soft white exterior paint could be beautifully enhanced with a daring black or deep blue door. On the other hand, a stone exterior with gray undertones could be complemented by a door painted in a soft gray or blue, tying together the cool undertones of the stone.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing the right exterior paint to complement your stone or brickwork can indeed be a challenging task, but it is also an opportunity to express your creativity and style. Whether you opt for Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paints, the key is to carefully consider the undertones, exterior elements, and the overall color scheme you wish to achieve.

Remember, the color of your brick or stone should guide your choice of paint color, while elements such as siding, trim, and even the front door should not be overlooked. Use color palettes that enhance these features, not overpower them.

Ultimately, the color you choose should not only complement your brick or stone, but it should also reflect your personal style and the character of your home. So, take your time, explore various options, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations. After all, the goal is to create an exterior that you love and that makes your house stand out from the rest.

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